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No More "Sbornik"

March 28, 2017

First of all, accept my apologies for a week without a single post. Surely I could take an action on that, but I was too lazy. So now, I’m writing this post at an almost deadline date — I should certainly do something with it. 😐

Well, the title is kinda strange, isn’t it? The word ‘Sbornik’ in fact, means to be in a national Olympic team. Thus, with this title, I was trying to explain that I was thrown out of that team. Anyway, that’s not what I was gonna talk about.

From March 13th till March 21st the National Olympiad of mathematical cycle took place in Pavlodar city. The organizers called that event as “Start of Stars 2017” which was a little bit confusing. The event itself was great. Compared to last year Olympiad held in Kokshetau, Pavlodar was several levels higher.

I’ll miss that moments — in fact, I already do so.

To sum up, I’ll just put here Queen’s ‘I want to break free’ song as an OST (for those who know what I mean, of course 😀)