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Trying To Do My Best

March 9, 2016

Hi there!

It’s been a long time since I last wrote here (2 months). But one can ask where did my first post go: it disappeared… Just kidding: I deleted it for some reasons. To be exact: some time ago my Internet provider or the whole country decided to block

WordPress.com, so I deleted my site (or I thought so), anyway now I am here with this blog post.

So… You may think why my posts are in English, why it is not Kazakhsha or in Russian? Answer is simple: I am simply trying to improve my English writing skills. It means after some time I may continue posting in Kazakh or Russian.

What I’m gonna say now is about me in competitive programming, further just CP.

On 6th (or not) January was Regional (3rd) Stage of Republic Olympiads. And I have some strange feelings about it, despite the fact that I have won the first place :. There were mostly straightforward (easy) problems, but I managed to fail the first day. Took only 136 points out of 300, and ranked 2nd after Bagdat (he had 140 pts). And it is not the only reason why I felt so frustrated: at first my points were only 6, yes Only 6 out of 300. And it was fault of jouries committee, so it wasn’t too hard to fix it. So the main reason of why I took so small amount of points are:

  1. Organization wasn’t good (we’ve been waiting for problem statements about 2 hours)
  2. And it was my fault not checking for correctness by stress testing (don’t worry it is CP termin)
  3. I was very tired

So I decided to not to repeat this mistakes on second day. And here it comes the second day: was a bit harder than first, and ended up with 240 points out of 300. With overall results I got First place.

You know, it’s very strange that only 4-5 person from the whole South Kazakhstan Region took higher than 20 points in 1st day: it shows How LOW the level of CP in our region…

And a bonus: photo from International Woman’s Day concert.

8 March Photo

Thanks for reading, and check back soon for the next post! 😄