inspirations by Nurseiit A.

UISO 2019

November 14, 2018

UISO “Given a lever long enough and a pivot on which to place it, one could shift the world” is a famous saying by an antique mathematician Archimedes. The primary definition of a lever is that for the effort needed to be exerted to decrease, the length of the lever should be increased. One can also apply this law to life. Experiences and opportunities build up the life’s levers which together motivate a person to succeed. However, a lever becomes obsolete when forced upon an inaccurately placed pivot. Succeeding to fulfill oneself with passion and ideals is to build and place a solid pivot. Otherwise, these opportunities and experiences are to become useless. Majority fail to meet the balance between these two variables and thus all their efforts to achieve their full capacity are in vain. I, on the other hand, strive to be someone to find that balance.

In an attempt to set up a such a successful lever in my life, I have searched for these opportunities ever since I know myself. I have always been marked by my heightened curiosity and passions for learning. As an expected consequence of such my character, I became a member of the student organization in my freshman year at university. Half way through my first semester in that organization, one of my teammates came up to me and asked why did I choose to take part in such sort of leadership activities. Although I did have an answer for her to be pleased, what struck me was that I could not define what leadership meant to me. After this, I began to think of an answer.

Looking up leadership in the dictionary, I found out that it was the skill to lead and the act of leading. However, these two definitions of leadership seemed too broad to me. Everyone has their own understanding or perception of what it actually means. At first, when I was challenged to illustrate leadership by comparing it to usual things, I believed it was a boring and complicated task. However as I began to come up with actual answers, I realized that leadership could be compared to almost everything a person is surrounded by.

Everything about leadership I learned from a computer. Everything about leadership I learned from a ball. A computer can add any numbers together to construct the best outcome. It can hide what is irrelevant and only show what is important. It can deal with many types of problems. Similarly, a ball is able to bounce back when thrown. It is spherical and has no creases. It can be thrown back and forth in a game by various people. These are all important qualities for a leader to possess. A leader should be able to accumulate many ideas together to come up with the best possible plan. A leader should accept and be ready to look at every possible situation thrown at him. He should never dwell on the past and should be able to bounce back from any obstacles faced.

This made me realize that being a leader is so much more than just having authority and having the ability to take control of a situation. A leader has to be trusting of all the people he leads and, leaders must be able to combine ideas into one encompassing idea. They cannot sit in the background and watch events happen; they have to jump in and be involved. They should not delegate all their responsibilities away. A leader has to believe in people. And that should drive his action and ambitions, and define him in a world of cynicism and doubt. Leadership is so much more than what the dictionary says it is.

Finally, I came to realize that I have many of these qualities. I have the ability to solve variety of problems, lead through adversity, and be versatile. From answering this question, I realized that I could lead effectively, even if my leadership style might be different from others.

The building of such a successful lever has only just begun for me. There is still so much that I have not seen or done. Life is full of opportunities. That’s why I want to be trusted by people and that’s why I want to become a deserved President of UISO.